Homebody: Far from Home

Recently, I took a little trip, leaving the kiddos and husband behind, to visit a dear friend who is at grad school in Ireland.  For an extended weekend, I traded in playing trucks and dropping CJ off at his nursery program, with listening to traditional Irish music and sipping a beer in the pub.  In a few day’s time, I went from exploring the confines of the park, to exploring the vastness of the Cliffs of Moher.  It was a journey of contrasts.


We had few set plans, which is unusual for me: I like a plan and a list and a strategy.  This was nice – this was low key.  I tended to one, I worried about myself, I moved quietly, quickly, and without having to help someone put on a coat, take off a hat, grab a cup of water or fill up a snack.  It was weird.

But it was wonderful, too.

All I really wanted to do, while in Ireland, was to be outside.  I don’t know if it was because of the long and cold winter we had, where time outside left you numb.  Or perhaps I just really wanted to surround myself with all of the green landscape and suck some type of life-source from its vibrancy.  Despite the misting rain and dampness, the life and energy existed and I tried to soak it up.


IMG_4037 IMG_4149


The jagged rocks, the cliffs, the swirling grey water, the smell of turf all sitting and existing and there for the viewing.  It was pretty beautiful.

IMG_4093 IMG_4108 IMG_4057


It was a great/tiring/fun/relaxing trip.  I clearly missed my little family and was happy to get back to them.  It was the first time I’d been away for that long.  But it was nice to see my friend and to be among the good fairies and the music and the wild Atlantic way and slow down a bit.  For once, I took few pictures, which I mark as a sign that I was too busy just being and experiencing, rather than occupying my mind with what shot I should take to preserve the memory.  The memory, itself, will serve just fine.

Being back home, of course, has been like being thrown back into the deep end of the pool:  CJ has had his reactive airway disorder rear its ugly head, so we’re back to nebulizers and the doctor and coughing, and Emmett’s fighting off a drippy nose, just to keep up with his older brother.

But I’m happily home and glad such a nice trip gave me reason to come home so happily again.



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