Paint it Black, Pt. 1

Yes, a nice little You Tube embedded video for you all today, in connection with my title post.  Side note:  Mick Jagger was a dreamy rock star, back in the day.  I totally get why the girls are screaming in this video.  Back to the post -aside from all that intense and dark metaphorical soul-searching of the classic Rolling Stones’ song, it’s rather true:  I’m painting some small detail items here, and a lot of them are black.  Case in point, I’m finishing up some kitchen stuff and the star color (or lack thereof?) is black.

It’s starting with the support leg that is holding up our breakfast bar/countertop.  It’s a newel post, (think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, “Fixed the newel post!!), screwed into the kitchen floor twice to support the heavy quartz on top of it.  We primed it white, but I wanted a little bit of contrast, to carry on with the darker accents we have in the room.


From metal fruit basket, to the black that appears in the appliances, to the chalkboard, a frame, the curtain stripes, I like how it looks.  And honestly, it reminds me of an inspiration picture I found via Crate and Barrel and their bistro-inspired kitchen island, found here.  I liked the white countertop and the black legs – classic and neutral and clean.

So, I decided to go that route in choosing my paint color here.  I used the leftover Benjamin Moore paint we had from painting our office desktop and a brush and painter’s tape to keep things simple.


From white:


To black:

Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen

It was already primed and took two coats of the black.  I was able to get them both done when the boys were napping, thankfully.  Easy project to complete and easy to clean up.


It even coordinates nicely with the black in the dining room, which I like.



My next goal is to tackle the blonde stools sitting underneath the countertop.  I was looking into metal ones, ones with backs, ones with leather seats – all to realize that right now, my toddler uses them to climb up to get to the sink or counter area.  We’re going to put new ones on hold, as the ones I was eyeing were a bit more than the ones we’ve got, and might not be as sturdy/durable to survive EM’s journey into climbing kitchen furniture in coming months.  So, for now, a coat of black paint will make them fit in and not break the bank.


So, hopefully, I will soon have the stools sanded and painted black to go with the rest of the kitchen’s accents. I just need to have a nice day to use the palm sander.

Any projects people have going on in their homes?  Anyone tying details together for a project?  Anyone else now have “Paint It Black” in their heads?  You’re welcome!

Have a great day, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Paint it Black, Pt. 1

  1. Hi Erin: Saw your homebody chic on black legs. I think these black legs look really great against the countertop and the back wall underneath the countertop.

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