When I was a kid, I loved art and any types of arts and crafts: coloring, painting ceramic figurines, making friendship bracelets, “looming” potholders, or even, one time in 11th grade history, a hand-drawn, life-sized poster of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  (I traced my youngest sister on bulletin paper, and proceeded to add all of the fashionable trimmings of the 19th century.)  True story.

The thing about taking art classes in school or just being crafty for gifts or what not, I find it fun.  I feel good when completing a task.  So, when I finally figured out my sewing machine, I was taken back to that era of good feelings (two historical references in one post?!? Bam!), when arts and crafts made me feel like I knew how to make stuff….with my hands…that wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t too bad either.

So, I’ve dabbled in pillow cases and a valance: I decided to go for the next logical step, lined panel curtains for our dining room sliding door.

I read a few online tutorials and project ideas, but ultimately kind of decided to “wing it” and figure it out as I went along.  If you’re looking for a helpful tutorial, I found this one, from House of Hepworths, to be the best.

And I started with three yards of fabric from Ikea, their “Sophia” style, I think it was called.

I started by washing and drying the fabric and then, cut the 54 inch wide fabric right down the middle, into two 27 inch pieces.  I decided that I would just be using the pre-existing clips I had to hang the curtain from the rod, so I didn’t really need to worry about a pocket or tabs to go on the rod.  A hemmed up piece of fabric would be just fine for clips.

I measured and ironed a 1 inch hem around the long sides, and based upon how long I wanted the panels to be, a two or three inch hem at the top and bottom.  It was a lot of ironing, for sure.

I then cut down some plain, white, cotton fabric down to fit within the panel and act as a liner.  Lots of cutting, lots of adjusting and lots of pinning, but it seemed to work out in the end.

Two panels, nice and light and airy, on either side of the sliding door.  Not so bad for a few hours (stretched out over nights) work.

IMG_3057 IMG_3058 IMG_3059 IMG_3062

IMG_3068 IMG_3060 IMG_3073 IMG_3076I liked the black and white of the fabric and thought it was pretty simple and helped to keep the room bright.  I also like that I was able to make exactly what I wanted, for a rather inexpensive price tag.  It’s difficult to seriously consider some window treatments out there, now, since I am getting a feel for the price of yards of fabric, and seeing, with some time and effort, that I can make something comparable, for much much less.  I will admit, of course, that my style and likes are pretty straightforward and simple; if I liked things scalloped or pinch-pleated, or with some more intricacies, I wouldn’t be saying this…at all.  I’d be spending a lot more time trying to figure it out or taking a class for it.

But, until that day comes, I definitely love getting crafty again and the sense of pride you can feel from doing something with your own two hands.

Any great projects out there anyone else has completed?  Any tips or advice for future projects?

3 thoughts on “Draped.

  1. Beautiful!!!! I love the way they are light and airy but also give the dining room a very warm feeling! Great job!!

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