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Howdy, dear readers!

Here’s hoping that everyone’s week is going well!  I’m back, after a small hiatus – call it my February break – to continue to share.   Lately, my days have been solidly occupied by boys, cooking, snow, cold and tidying up the homestead.  I feel like it’s been a stretch where we just keep our heads down and continue to push on.  It’s been quite a winter, in terms of snow totals and wind chills, and while everyone is probably ready to just by-pass spring and head on to summer, I have just felt like if I keep pushing ahead, maybe we’ll get there a little quicker.  But that’s probably not true.

So, what have we been up to?  Well, first, in a future post to come, our little guy, E.M. turned 1, so of course, we did what everyone would do: had an open-house, two-day first birthday bash in our home, for about 100 of our closest family and friends.  Wait…not everyone does that?  Well, I’ll definitely be posting some pictures to share the Little Man Bash, which despite some snowy weather, was a success! And while he’s still not tolerating any dairy (womp, womp), I have plenty of dairy-free options in my cooking tool box!


Secondly, JD and I have completely over-hauled our eating lifestyle, again, and so, I’ve been cooking…and cooking…and cooking some more.  I’ve talked about it before here, but prior to being a Mommy and Daddy, we had embraced a Mediterranean diet – no dairy, only whole grains, limited processed foods, etc.  We had a tough time really jump-starting our return to that food world, post-Emmett’s arrival, because, while pregnant (and in sympathy of me being pregnant), we fell leapt off the Mediterranean band-wagon.  It’s been tough, and speaking for myself, my will power has been non existent: bread, cheese and chocolate are so comforting in moments of hunger/stress/boredom/etc.  And how I often felt after over-eating some of these food groups left me grumpy, full but not satisfied, bloated and just, eh.  Well, after stumbling upon it after some Pinterest recipe searching, we’ve taken it a step further and have forged ahead with a Paleo lifestyle.  After a 30 day overhaul of our food intake, via a program called Whole30, we’ve made some serious cuts to the not-great-for-us foods we eat and have taken up with the some healthier options, such as lean meats, hearty vegetables and delicious fruits.  We’re clearly not nutritionists or dietitians, nor are we any type of spokespeople for the Whole30 method.  We just felt like we had tried to get back to where we were on our own, with moderate cuts and changes, and it wasn’t working for us.  So, we took a bit of a radical step and cut from our diets the things that were bringing us down completely, for 30 days.


It’s been a wonderful process, albeit, a bit tricky sometimes, as it’s a focus on foods that need to be prepared and cooked, as opposed to being boxed and bought for immediate consumption at a store, i.e. there are more steps to take to eat practically anything.  It’s been more of an entire lifestyle change, if anything.   We have decided to look at food a bit differently and it’s been good so far.  So my Sunday-Funday has looked like this for the past 8 weeks:


IMG_3278 IMG_3279 IMG_3280

IMG_3277BUT – we are loving it and feel great on it!  So more time than ever before is being spent using my kitchen and all of its resources, which I am really happy about!

Lastly, to combat some of the cabin fever that has set in with this frigid winter weather, I have taken to two things: reading and music.  First off, I’m back on the reading wagon, with a page turner:


Yes, you read that correctly.  There ARE at least 33 reasons as to why we read Jane Austen in 2014.  I hope to get more back into  reading as time goes on.  I’ve missed books very much and I am finding, so long as I look to balance, I can read (some of) a book every once and a while and get some enjoyment out of it.

And as to music: it has been the mood-enhancer in so many ways around here lately, just when it gets quiet, or the kids start to get whiney or decide a tantrum might be in order.  I’ve used Pandora for a while for some fun mixes of music, but have also been using Songza, which a friend introduced me to: it builds playlists of off categories based upon moods or the activity you’re in the middle of doing.  Love it – it has introduced me to some fun music.  Favorite playlists so far?  “Every 90’s Summer Dance Party” and “Today’s Pop Divas”.   Currently, I am listening to “Boombastic” by Shaggy…hello, my adolescence! Dance parties in the kitchen are just what the doctor ordered before dinner to lift up our moods and keep smiles on our faces for a smoother and happier dinner.

Other than that, and caring for the kiddos and keeping up with the final season of How I Met Your Mother and, you know, not going stir-crazy whilst inside all week long, just forging ahead.

Here’s wishing you a great day!

2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Well, enjoyed your post. I have to say your meals look delicious. I know I would have a hard time getting rid of the breads, chocolates and processed foods. I don’t think I could do it the way you did. I can stop one thing at a time and that is hard. Congratulations on following your goal. Glad you feel good. You look good as well but you always did.

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