Ugh, with the snow already!

I don’t know where you, dear readers, are reading from, but where I am, Mother Nature has packed a powerful punch for us, in the shape of snow storm after snow storm.  So CJ, EM and myself have had a lot of time indoors this week…and last…and the week before, as many many people have.

So with lots of time inside, I decided we were going to add a little festivity to our time by doing something for Valentine’s Day.  I typically don’t decorate too much for it and am not one to focus on the red, pink or white, (I tend to move right to the green of St. Patrick’s Day in my holiday planning, haha), so this was a big step for me.

So, with some construction paper, string, and a few flowers, CJ and I created a little bit of a loving-feeling for our Valentine family-time. Here’s what the little guy and I came up with:

A bunch of red flowers, the only few articles of red I own, a red candle and a red glass, add a punch of Valentine love to the table:


Construction paper hearts on string, hanging from the lantern. IMG_3234 IMG_3235 IMG_3241

While at the grocery store, when I told CJ he could pick out something to give to Daddy for Valentine’s Day, he went straight for the Easter eggs.  (I guess I’ve taught him to move through the February holidays?).  So we added some Valentine flair by stuffing the eggs with little construction hearts, with little crayon messages for Dad. IMG_3247 IMG_3248

A package of Valentine’s plates, to tie it all together: IMG_3252

My favorite piece of Valentine’s art is right here: IMG_3254

JD actually has today off, and so, our Valentine’s decor will get two full days of appreciation, as we are able to hang out together a bit as a family.  Here’s wishing you a love-filled Valentine’s day and a relaxing weekend!

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